Hi, we are Cabana Rehab Interiors

Cabana Rehab Interiors is a boutique interior design firm located in San Jose, California.  At the heart of our firm, we believe in creating timeless and personal spaces for your family to call home.  We work hard to get to know our client’s and how they live in their homes.  Each project and client is unique, which is why we pride ourselves on first making sure your space is functional, and then layering in all of the finishes, textures and accessories to make your home uniquely yours.  We draw on inspiration from personal travels and mementos, as well as taking survey of your existing pieces to make sure your home feels lived in and collected. 

At Cabana Rehab Interiors, we believe in taking the tired bones of a home and refreshing and reimagining them for a modern day life style. We strive for smart and functional design, making your space a reflection of those who call it home, while carefully considering budget and timeline.

Cabana Rehab Interiors was created quite literally be "rehabbing" our founder's personal home on Cabana Drive.  The transformation of Melissa's family's 1960's California ranch home is what started it all.  As she began sharing her before and after transformations on Instagram, local followers took notice of her passion and vision, and a business was born from her kitchen table.


Today we are a team of 3 working moms, bringing together a vast array of personal expertise and a style each their own to collectively Rehab, Redesign and Reimagine homes in the Bay Area. Melissa and Caitlin live 2 doors down from each other on Cabana Drive, which has become such a fun full circle moment for our business.  We sometimes have team  update meetings while driving past each other on our street or walk back and forth between our houses with tile samples and new ideas.  Jess and Caitlin have known each other since the good ol' college days at Cal Poly and we have just as much fun together as we get accomplished.  

Meet the Team

Melissa Holt

Melissa is our founder and as the Principal Designer is a "big picture" thinker.  You can almost see the wheels spinning in her head and she can often be found sketching what appears to be nonsense for Caitlin to put into order, sorting through samples and wandering tile shops around the Bay Area.


Melissa lives in Willow Glen with her 3 kids, husband Casey and a totally on-brand white golden retriever.  Her hobbies include sipping on Chardonnay in her backyard, eating out at nice restaurants, girl's nights and if she didn't have so many kids, traveling. 

Caitlin Gallagher

Caitlin knows the details are the design, and has a knack for thinking through all of those details for a comprehensive design, which builders love.   She can usually be found carrying around graph paper and yelling at Melissa to stop drawing all over her work.

Caitlin lives in Willow Glen with her 3 kids, husband Matt and their dog.  She can usually be found on the weekends gardening or cooking, with a G&T in close reach. 

Jessica Price

Jess is our Jill-of-all-trades and one day could be tracking orders, and other days returning tile samples, purchasing large amounts of fruit for photoshoots, and picking up fabric samples.  She keeps the place organized and Melissa on-task, which truly is the hardest job here.


Jess lives in Campbell with her 3 kids and husband Corey.  When Jess isn't chauffeuring her kids to all of their social engagements, she's probably meticuliously organizing something, might even be her Vodka collection.